Sarah Connor
Linda Hamilton as "Sarah Connor" in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991):
[Armed with a hypodermic syringe inudated with drain cleaner] I'll pump him full of this shit; I swear!
Sonny Bunz
Sonny Bunz
Actor: Tony Darrow (age 51 in this movie)
Sonny Bunz's Memorable Quotes:
Paul Cicero
Sonny Bunz
You know anything about this fucking restaurant business?[Talking to Henry] He knows everything about it. I mean he's in the joint 24 hours a day. I mean another fucking few minutes he could be a stool that's how often he's in there.
Sonny Bunz
But I'm worried, I mean, I'm hearin' all kinds a fuckin' bad things. I mean he's treating me like I'm a fuckin' half-a-fag or somethin'. I'm gonna wind up a lammist, I gotta go on the fuckin' lam in order to get away from this guy? This ain't right, Paulie.
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