Lt. Hiram Coffey
Michael Biehn as "Lt. Hiram Coffey" in The Abyss (1989):
Sniff something? Did ya, rat boy?
The Monopoly Guy
The Monopoly Guy
Actor: Tom Grunke (age 36 in this movie)
The Monopoly Guy's Memorable Quotes:
The Monopoly Guy
Pompous Woman
That's a lovely wrap you're wearing! Perhaps I could buy you some fluffy new slippers, made from the heads of innocent and defenseless baby seals!Who is this ghastly man?Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. And YOU must be the Monopoly guy! Hey.


Thanks for the free parking.Another ACTIVIST, McGuire.Activist, yes

[snobby laugh]

[imitating him]

activist, yes, mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm!Mr. Ventura, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of nature. You should try it sometime.Alrighty then!

[smacks man in the face which knocks him unconscious, drapes him over his shoulders and begins to sing and dance exotically]

[shakes man]

Do not pass go! Do not collect $200!

[hands back man to pompous woman]

It's lovely, but I fancy myself in autumn!
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